Islay Whisky Tours

We’d like to share some of the most popular Islay whisky distillery tours that our guests have loved visiting on their tours around of the region with us.

From Barley to Bottle

There is no denying Scotland, produces some of the finest and best knowing single malt “Scotch” Whiskies in the world, a process that has been lovingly perfected over the centuries  The question is, why is the quality of our single malt whisky so good and so sought after around the world. Well put simply it is without doubt our climate, the quality of our water and quality of our barley. 

Scotland have six whisky (Scotch) regions each with their own distinct flavours and characteristics that make our whisky or Uisge Beatha, in Gaelic meaning “water of life” a true adventure of the senses.

To help you decide on some of our favourite single malts or blended whiskies, and which region best suites your tastes. We have included some of our most popular whisky distilleries our guests love to visit around our spectacular whisky regions of Scotland.  


(Queen of the hebrideas)

Islay is usually associated with smoky, peaty single malts whiskies. There are now nine whisky distilleries on the island including the islands newest single malt distillery Ardnahoe, opened in 2018. Below is a list of some of our favourite distilleries on Islay.

Ardbeg Distillery

Ardbeg Distillery – opened in 1815 Ardbeg, is the second smallest distillery on Islay and one of the most heavily peated whiskies on the island. However thanks to a purifier on the spirit still, the new-make spirit is elegant and sweet with a citrus fruity character. 

Ardbeg Distillery Tours

Tour option 1 – The Ardbeg distillery tour and wee tasting. £8 per person/duration 1hr 15min.

Informative and fun tour of the distillery with a dram of your choice. 

Tour option 2 – The Ardbeg full range tour and tasting. £25 per person/duration 1hr 45min.

A detailed tour of the distillery followed by five different drams in the chairman’s study room. 

Note – please click on the link for more details.

Bowmore Distillery

The distllery was founded in 1779 which makes it the oldest distillery on Islay, and is the second biggest selling whisky on the island, producing a medium peated malt with character that has varied over the years. 

Bowmore Distillery Tours

Tour option 1 – in depth tasting tour. Duration 1hr price £10 per person. 

Tour option 2 – Time SAVOURED TASTING. 

A whisky journey to treat the senses. Duration 1hr 30min price £30 per person. 


Tailored to the single malt whisky enthusiast, this tour takes you to the very heart of Bowmore distillery. Duration 2hrs price £70 per person. 

Note – please click on the link for more details.

Laphroag Distillery

Laphroag Distillery opened in 1815 and the largest selling whisky on Islay. Unlike other distilleries on the island, Laphroaig’s own malt is much smokier than other distilleries. This along with the unique combination of three wash and four spirit stills, including one very large still, gives Laphroaig flexibility when creating their own whiskies. 

Laphroag Distillery Tours

Tour option 1 – EXPERIENCE TOUR. Enjoy a guided tour through the production area of the distillery then a tasting of 3 whiskies of your choice.

Duration 1hr price £10 per person.

Option 2 – TASTE OF FRIENDSHIP. Tasting only and includes 4 drams. However you have the option of also joining a distillery tour. Duration 45min, Price £40 per person.

Option 3 – WAREHOUSE EXPERIENCE. A tour of the oldest warehouse at Laphroaig distillery, includes a taste from 3 specially selected single cask malts. 

Duration 1 hr Price £60 per person.


Kilchoman Distillery

Established in 2005, Kilchoman is the only independent working distillery on Islay. The distillery was set out to revive the old traditional methods of farm distilling once widespread around the island. Now after more than a decade, Kilchoman’s single malt ranges are produced on site from barley to bottle.

Kilchoman Distillery Tours

Tour option 1 – The wee tour. 4pm daily adults £4 children £3 duration 30 mins. 

Tour option 2 – The Classic tour. adults £10 children £5 duration 1hr 

Tour option 3 – grain to tasting tour. 2pm daily cost £35 duration 2hrs. 

Tour option 4 – the ‘ultimate’ tour. 11am daily. £35 duration 2hrs. 


Some other excellence Islay Distillery tours you can experience with us.

Here are some links to other excellent whisky distilleries on Islay we recommend visiting.




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